Elizabeth Street Publicity

The latest images for 152 Elizabeth Street by Tadao Ando & Gabellini Sheppard Associates hit the press last Friday. Always fun to see my images in the New York Times, Dezeen, Arch Daily and others. Here is a screengrab:

You can also find more info about the project on the official website www.152elizabethst.com and the developer's website. The images that have been released so far appear below.

Tind 3d print


Received a lovely little memento of the Tind project through the post this week :) Thanks everyone at Claesson Koivisto Rune!

Tind Dusk

A quick study of my favourite of the 3 Tind houses for Claesson Koivisto Rune. For me this is where making everything in 3d really pays off, being able to open an old scene up and do something completely different with it in a matter of minutes. The renderings of course, took hours!

I used sky 0902 for these dusk renders, but with a very low colour balance on the camera to make it look more blue.


I'd like to think that my best work is always my most recent work, but I'll freely admit that that's not always the case (you don't get to see the worst ones I'm afraid!). This is a project though that I am really proud of, and am pretty excited about being able to finally share. It's a new museum building by Thomas Phifer & Partners for the Glenstone Foundation near Washington D.C., which also features a landscape design by PWP Landscape Architecture. I'm not going to say much more about it just now, apart from that this is 3 of 22 images, the remainder of which I will publish once I get permission. I think I am also going to be doing a short talk about how I did all the landscaping, and other bits and pieces at the next State of Art Academy Day in October.

Sky used: 0902

Tind by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Some of my favourite images from a recent project for the Swedish company Fiskarhedenvillan which was designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

(thanks to The Urban Alaskan blog for letting me use the snowsteps image here)

Many thanks to Design Connected for their help with the furniture used in this project. Almost all of the pieces of furniture are designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune themselves:

and the remaining items were:

Any other props were either supplied by the architect or come from modelplusmodel. The logs next to the fireplace originally came from evermotion I think and I then put them in place using MassFX in 3dsmax.

As usual all images are lit by my own HDRi skies without any additional help from a vraysun. The actual skies used were:

White House exteriors: 1614 White House interiors: 1008

Black House exteriors: 1614 Black House interiors: 1614

Red House exteriors: 1123 Red House interiors: 1008

As always you can find the full set on flickr.

Hendee-Borg house interiors

This is just a quick run down of various aspects of this project. I am planning a more in depth article where I can go into more detail.


Like most of my recent projects, this one is lit with just one HDR sky (1735) and no vraysun/sky system. I have a short tutorial here which shows the basic steps.

I used a different lighting set-up for the interiors as I preferred how the interiors looked with direct sunlight. The warm sunlight helped to emphasize the warm tones of the living area, and the blueish skylight on the other side of the house did the opposite.


Most of the books come from Bertrand Benoit or model+model and supplemented by some books I found on turbosquid by 'temp64GTX'. Sadly I finished placing all the books by hand just before model+model released their latest collection of books and handy looking bookmanager script!

View the full set of images on Flickr.

Hendee-Borg house exteriors

A new collaboration with architect William O'Brien Jr. that I am proud to be able to share here. (Information about the house will be available soon on the architect's website).

You can view a slideshow of the complete set of exteriors (7 images) here.

Technical info:

I used sketchup as usual to model the house itself, and then imported everything into 3dsmax to set up the scene. Vray for 3dsmax was used to do all rendering, Forest Pro for the landscaping and the trees were placed with the help of the advanced painter script. I used Brix (now called Mighty Tiles, you can buy it via Ronen Bekerman or alternatively here) for some of the materials, and also Thomas Suurland's Multitexture map (cg-source.com) for the shingles.

The HDR sky I used for the exteriors was 1941.

Landscape elements:

- I used (and tweaked) some grass models by Bertrand Benoit - Various trees by 3D Mentor - HQ Plants 2 - Cedar of Lebanon tree by Xfrog - The gravel was just four individual stones modelled quickly in 3dsmax and scattered with Forest Pro (with random colours)

I'm going to do a more extensive blog post talking about the development of the look and feel of these visuals as well as going into technical aspects in more detail. If there is anything you would like me to focus on please let me know!


New set of images for a company specialising in architecturally designed eco friendly buildings. I used a lot of elements from previous jobs here, the grass is the same as on the Ekerö project and the trees are all from my library. Brix was handy for making some very quick brick walls, multi texture map from cg-source.com for randomising the timber textures.

Thanks to Burn Studio for the free imac model!