Been playing around with different skies and the PhoenixFD ocean texture... addictive!

Steps to recreate:

- install PhoenixFD demo version
- follow this tutorial from chaosgroupTV
- try it using some high quality HDRi skies instead of a vraysun

Skies used above from left to right: 0707, 0743, 0822, 0839, 0902, 1120


Aventador Quest

Just for fun, a Lamborghini in front of the Quest house by Ström Architects.

I didn't use them, but I thought the render elements for this image looked cool. Can you name them? (you don't need to specify if its rawreflection or just reflection)

EDIT: Free sky to the first person to guess the correct render elements!

EDIT 2: Competition Over!


I used 2028 for this render, don't think I've used it before but I like it!

The little things.. and being able to find them

I *think* I have managed to finally incorporate a search function in this blog, AT LONG LAST! The squarespace search function is a bit weird in that it brings up a lightbox/overlay type thing, but otherwise it seems to work pretty well (it works on my iphone too but is a bit fiddly).

So to find that tutorial on using vrayedgestex to break up a rough concrete edges, just type vrayedgestex and you should find it!

OH, and you'll find it lower down the sidebar to the right >

Sigurd Ressell Falcon Chair

Some quick renders of a great chair that my grandparents had in their living room and that I was always a bit fascinated by. Its the Falcon chair by a Norwegian designer called Sigurd Ressell.

Rendered with Corona, lit by '1739 Sun Clouds' HDR and NOT modelled by me.. I wouldn't know where to start!

The walnut floor texture can be found here: Orangegraphics

Playing around with corona..

An old personal project reworked slightly for corona renderer. Corona is a new rendering plugin which is still in the alpha release phase and currently free to download and use. I haven't had much time with it yet but I already like the way it works, the simplicity and the excellent material previews. With the standard 3dmax material previews I always felt like I was making materials in the dark and had to render them to actually see what has happening.

corona materials in 3dsmax

The forum is currently the best source of info and help on using corona, and by signing up for an account there you can then download the alpha and test it yourself.


Seeing as its almost that time of year again, I thought I'd share some progress on an exciting new project I'm working on.

The snow is mostly done with the brilliant snowflow plugin, some of the trees are from the winter trees collection at and some are made with onyxtree and have snow applied using snowflow. I still haven't decided on the mood and haven't even begun to think about views.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas!


The sky hdri numbers used were 1008, 1929, 1725, and 1928

3d trees

Sugar Maple Large

A collection of broadleaf trees that I made in onyxtree and further modified in 3dsmax. I'm currently looking at investing in growfx as well, seems to have a bit of a steep learning curve but might eventually suit my workflow better than onyxtree. Large Sugar Maple

Ash 02


Sugar Maple Young 02

Young Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple 01

Sugar Maple

White Oak 01

White Oak

Mendes da Rocha Residence


Something I started ages ago and need a new incentive to finish off. This is the Mendes da Rocha Residence in São Paulo, Brazil by Paulo Mendes da Rocha, 2006 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate.


The concrete material is temporary, and I have more internal walls to add, then the furniture. The Paulistano (by Mendes da Rocha) is the main reason I decided to model this house, I really needed a more suitable location for it than this room:

Paulistano 2

When its done, I intend to share the sketchup model on the pushpullbar forums, there will be an update here as well of course.