Hendee-Borg house interiors

This is just a quick run down of various aspects of this project. I am planning a more in depth article where I can go into more detail.


Like most of my recent projects, this one is lit with just one HDR sky (1735) and no vraysun/sky system. I have a short tutorial here which shows the basic steps.

I used a different lighting set-up for the interiors as I preferred how the interiors looked with direct sunlight. The warm sunlight helped to emphasize the warm tones of the living area, and the blueish skylight on the other side of the house did the opposite.


Most of the books come from Bertrand Benoit or model+model and supplemented by some books I found on turbosquid by 'temp64GTX'. Sadly I finished placing all the books by hand just before model+model released their latest collection of books and handy looking bookmanager script!

View the full set of images on Flickr.