Perspective correction techniques

I've been neglecting my blog lately due to having too much work to do, so to try and get back into the swing of things I though I might as well put this up here (even although its not a tutorial). I like to do as much as possible in Lightroom when it comes to processing photos, its so handy to keep everything raw and then even when I do need to make a jpg for uploading to the internet I tend to bin them afterwards. One thing that annoys me though is how LR does perspective correction. In my opinion PTlens (a cheap plugin for photoshop) does it well, in that it looks believable, whereas LR's output always looks a bit squashed.

The two programs clearly use different algorithms, but which is more 'correct'?





and a comparison between the two showing how much taller buildings appear in PTLens:


I don't have aperture but would be interested in knowing how it handles it. Also, if there is a way of stretching an image in LR please let me know! Otherwise, I must say I am very pleased with the lens correction presets in LR (for barrel distortion correction).

My workflow just now is to camera match with the uncorrected version in 3dsmax and then do PC control afterwards in photoshop. How do you camera match a TS Lens in 3dsmax, is it even possible? (with a degree of accuracy)