If you are patiently waiting for my HDR sky shop to resume business then thank you very much for your patience.

Unfortunately the EU threw a spanner in the works by changing VAT regulations at the start of the year, which has been a major headache especially to small businesses around the world selling products online. (If you are interested: http://euvataction.org/) It doesn't just affect EU based companies, it affects ANY company who wish to sell products to customers based in the EU.

To add to the problems, companies like Squarespace , which my website is built on, have not acted quickly in order to comply with the new regulations. I will look into possible alternatives and even the possibility of selling packs directly as well as keeping the pressure on Squarespace to do something about it.



EDIT: seems to be hitting 3DOcean.net hard too - http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/new-statements-invoices-february-1st-2015/159252 

Haven't read anything about what Turbosquid are doing yet.