New Website! New Blog!

New Website!

Designed by Mattias Forsberg from Humblebrag, a digital design agency based in Borlänge, Sweden. It runs on Squarespace which means it should work nicely whether you are looking at it on a browser, smartphone or tablet. I'm very happy with it, and hope you like it too!

Mattias has also helped with my branding (woo!), so if you are a facebook user, feel free to check out my updated page there, and expect to see a new logos/profile pics appearing on twitter, flickr, vimeo etc.


New blog! - Scrapbook

Ever since I started using google reader (RIP) I've been keeping a visual collection of images that inspire me and give me ideas for composition, colours, mood etc. and also as a way of remembering cool projects.  The name, concept and probably a large part of the content is of course is inspired by Andy Matthew's Architecture Pastebook. Thanks Andy, hope you don't mind! I'll try to be strict with my tagging so that it's easy to find images, and am also going to make sure that the photographer in question is credited and if possible a link to their website or portfolio. If you want to know more about the project or architect, you'll have to dig a bit deeper, by clicking the image itself.


Old blog

I think I have successfully ported over all of the content and comments from the old wordpress blog, and the new layout means that images can now be bigger and clearer.  I hope to find a bit more time over the next few months to do some more tutorials and other new content.

I also want to thank Johnnie for his fine work on the original website and 6 years of brilliant support, zero downtime and all round excellence.