45 Skies - 3docean update!

UPDATE: My HDR Sky shop is now open, please buy my products there instead, thanks!

Before I start making new skies, I decided to go back and work a bit more on all the old ones. If you bought any of them, you can now log in to 3docean.net and download the updated versions.

Changes include:

  • The original horizon has been removed from the HDR files, and the photos used to make the HDRi re-processed for a smoother, noise free image.
  • Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr) file sizes have been optimized to improve loading times.
  • 16 bit RAW versions of the backplate photos now included to allow greater freedom in post processing.


EDIT: labelled version as requested.

EDIT 2: Any new skies won't be happening anytime soon I'm afraid, I'll probably wait till I have 9 ready so that I can offer them as a pack for a reduced price straight away.

EDIT 3: Lots of people asking how to get the updated skies. Just log into 3docean as normal, click on the downloads tab and you will see all the products you have bought from 3docean, then just download the ones you want. All my skies on 3docean have been updated so you will get the new version when you download.