Farnsworth House

by Mies van der Rohe

Something I've been working on for the best part of the last year (I previously blogged about the trees in... May, and the grass even before that!). Unfortunately paid work keeps getting in the way, I'm yet to figure out a solution to that problem.

I'm planning a tutorial on how I did the fog, (another) grass tutorial on how I did the mowed lawn and a making-of post summing up the whole process. Can also do one on optimizing the trees and making the tree materials if there is interest. The sketchup model of the house itself will be available on pushpullbar - details to follow in a separate post.

Technical Info:

  • Grass (short, medium & long), clover and plantago major all scattered with vrayscatter as per previous tutorials.
  • Trees are all made with Onyxtree. Species as per previous blog post.
  • The total poly count comes to approx. 10 billion. 1.34 billion for trees, 8.4 billion for grasses, 270k for house, 550k for furniture.
  • Renders took roughly 6 hrs each @ 2200px
  • Rendered with vrayphysicalcamera, vraysun, HDRi environment
  • VRayenvironmentfog was rendered as a separate pass and screened over in photoshop
  • Final colour corrections made in Adobe Lightroom