A reminder

If you make any nice images with my HDRi skies, let me know about them. I'm always up for posting cool work here.



Been playing around with different skies and the PhoenixFD ocean texture... addictive!

Steps to recreate:

- install PhoenixFD demo version
- follow this tutorial from chaosgroupTV
- try it using some high quality HDRi skies instead of a vraysun

Skies used above from left to right:

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Reminder - 3DOcean

Another, and possibly final, reminder that I will be removing my HDRi skies from 3DOcean at the end of August 2014.

IF you bought skies there prior to September 2012, please take note of this post.


Aventador Quest

Just for fun, a Lamborghini in front of the Quest house by Ström Architects.

I didn't use them, but I thought the render elements for this image looked cool. Can you name them? (you don't need to specify if its rawreflection or just reflection)

EDIT: Free sky to the first person to guess the correct render elements!

EDIT 2: Competition Over!


I used 2028 for this render, don't think I've used it before but I like it!

High dynamic range skydome panorama for use as a spherical environment in 3d scenes.

  • Time of day: 20:28
  • Sun Angle, where 0 means the sun is on the horizon and 90 means directly overhead: N/A
  • Dynamic Range: 5.59 EVs


  • Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr) files
  • Backplates (Straight photos of the sky taken at the same time as the HDRi) in 16 bit raw format (.dng)
  • Backplates in JPG format
  • NEW! Scene File in 3dsmax 2012 + V-Ray format
  • NEW! Scene File in 3dsmax 2012 + Corona format
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Goodbye 3DOcean

After many years selling my products on 3DOcean, it's time to say goodbye and concentrate on improving my products and preparing new ones for my own online shop.

This post is mainly for all the people who have bought my products over the years and may have missed the fact that all of the skies received a much needed update in September 2012. If so, you should log in to your 3DOcean account and download your purchased products again!

Once the skies are gone from 3DOcean, there will be no way for you to get the update. I will leave the skies online until the end of August.


Architectural Photographers in NYC?

I'm interested in collaborating with any GOOD New York City based architectural photographers who might be up for working on various projects in Manhattan/Brooklyn.

Please do email me if interested of if you know anyone who might be. Thanks!!