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You may have noticed that my shop is offline for now, this is due to new EU VAT regulations which means I need to reorganise things and also wait till Squarespace do the same.

In the meantime, I may be able to sell packs of skies directly, accounting for VAT in the correct way depending on your location. Please email me if interested: peter@peterguthrie.net

Thanks for your patience!


One of the reasons I started selling my skies here on www.peterguthrie.net was so that I could be in control of pricing and special offers... I just havent got round to doing anything about it yet! So how about a 4 day Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale? 

The discounts are as follows:

  • BLACK20 – Save 20% on any order.
  • BLACK30 – Save 30% on any order over 100 EURO.
  • BLACK40 – Save 40% on any order over 250 EURO.
  • BLACK50 – Save 50% on any order over 500 EURO.

Remember to type in the relevant code (in BOLD) at checkout to get the discount.

The sale starts at midnight tonight (Thursday 27th) and runs till Monday December 1st 23:59

SOA Masterclass 13

Bastiaan Couperus  (hdri 2003 dusk blue)

Very impressed with the finished work from the latest State of Art Academy Masterclass. This is just a selection but please take a look at the write up on the SOA website here.

Congratulations to all of the students, I thought the images were very strong, atmospheric, well composed, and told a story.

Of particular interest to me is that they all use my HDRi skies. I like to think that I can often spot which ones are used, but the truth is it's not at all easy. You can find links to the skies used at the bottom of this post.

Some info from Gianpiero about the masterclass and the process they go through:

"The project we used for the masterclass as case history was the Sea View House from Jackson Clements Burrows Architects
We created the images with 3dsmax, V-ray, Forest Pack, Railclone and Photoshop after 3,5 weeks of intensive teaching.
The Masterclass is the most complete course here at SOA Academy. We train people for all the production stages and then we push them to develop their own style and point of view."

Loik Eyers (hdri  1103 Sun Clouds)

Lene Martinussesn (hdri 1103 Sun Clouds)

Adrian Cardenas (hdri 2009 dusk pink)

Miguel Mendes (hdri 2003 dusk blue)

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A reminder

If you make any nice images with my HDRi skies, let me know about them. I'm always up for posting cool work here.



Been playing around with different skies and the PhoenixFD ocean texture... addictive!

Steps to recreate:

- install PhoenixFD demo version
- follow this tutorial from chaosgroupTV
- try it using some high quality HDRi skies instead of a vraysun

Skies used above from left to right:

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Reminder - 3DOcean

Another, and possibly final, reminder that I will be removing my HDRi skies from 3DOcean at the end of August 2014.

IF you bought skies there prior to September 2012, please take note of this post.