Since announcing The Boundary in October 2014, we have grown to a team of 12 here in London and are enjoying working with architectural heroes of ours such as Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers, Peter Zumthor, Tadao Ando.

The team will be expanding again soon, so if the prospect of coming and working alongside us interests you then get in touch now!, or if you prefer,

A selection of completed projects, many more to be added soon.

A selection of completed projects, many more to be added soon.


Hopefully one day Corona will have the option to add linear and radial graduated filters in the frame buffer, in addition to the new and improved vignetting that is on it's way. Until then, I've been experimenting with making a 'real' virtual linear grad that sits in front of your camera lens.


I'm sure you have all seen Santi Sanchez's brilliant megascans tutorial on Ronen Bekerman's website by now, if not : Making of METEORA

Santi was kind enough to let me re-publish them here, and the details of which sky he used (including camera settings and sky rotation!) are on the making-of.

Luca Catino & PG SKIES

I love seeing the different atmosphere created in these renders by Luca Catino using a variety of PG SKIES. Some amazing details too, click on the thumbs to view bigger.

You can see more of Luca's work at


PG SKIES is back online after a day or two of maintenance. I hope you like the new look and find the new filters and collections useful. To celebrate you can use the code RELAUNCH to get 20% off any order for today only.



A bit late with the news, but the discount codes are now live on so a good time to pick up some of the new skies published this week.

  • BLACK20 for 20% OFF on all orders.
  • BLACK30 for 30% OFF on orders over 100 EUR.
  • BLACK40 for 40% OFF on orders over 250 EUR.
  • BLACK50 for 50% OFF on orders over 500 EUR.

You can use the discounts until the end of day Monday 28th November

0743 Cloudy Morning Sun Update

I've been doing a bit of PG SKIES maintenance and thought I would update one of my favourites, 0743 Cloudy Morning Sun. In this update there are several versions of the HDR; the original, plus two with a new sun intensity. Try them all and use the one that suits your scene best is the official advice!

Here is a comparison of them, all at gamma 1.0

And also a 360 panorama, as its a great way of seeing the whole sky.

New Skies 1216 and 1324

2 new skies added to today, both going to be very useful in my humble opinion!

above: 1216 Sun