Starting the week with a preview of some of the images produced in what I hope was a useful and fun week for my 12 students at the State of Art Academy. I'll upload all of the images in another blog post, but to give you an idea of the range of images that started life as Henry's Carey House here is one from each student, in no particular order.

Really fantastic work I hope you'll agree!

Top to bottom:

Alessandro Massi Mauri, Alessandro Consonni, Jeroen Henning, Matthias Arndt, Oguz Kalafat, Paolo Faleschini, Robert Dukes, George Nijland, Sandra Ferminan, Walter Pegolo, Giuliano Sabadin, Darwin Ceballos

Octane Render Competition Winners

Many thanks to everyone who entered the competition hosted on the OTOY forums, and congratulations to the winners listed below. I'll be contacting you all via email with details of how to claim your prizes. Thanks also to Tom Glimps for organising it!

Octane Render Competition Reminder

In case you missed it, there is a small competition going on the OTOY Octane Render forum. The 10 best architectural images, as judged by me, will each get a 100 euro voucher to spend in my HDR Sky shop.

Plus, as extra incentive, the top 3 will win a full Octane render license! So even if you don't own Octane, install the demo and get rendering!

It has been left deliberately open as 'vaguely architectural'. All you need to do to enter is post an image on the forum.  I will check the forum and give feedback & encouragement, and Tom Glimps is moderating the thread. You have until THE END OF APRIL to post your entry!

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Lake Lugano House - Vray for Sketchup

You might recognise this house from a previous post on this blog, Lake Lugano House by Jame Pickford. This one is different in that it was all modelled, assembled and rendered within Skethcup using Vray for Sketchup. There is a really excellent tutorial on Ronen Bekerman dot com which I encourage you to go and read.

Interesting to see how he uses HDRi Skies (1957 Dusk Clear) in Vray for Sketchup and uses proxies to handle complex geometry and to see all of the other ways in which Vray for Sketchup has developed since I last used it several years ago.

Great work by David Santos of LAB Visualizacion


I'm going to change the HDR sky shop url from to tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can go ahead and update bookmarks/links now if you want. Thanks!